What Is Later Living Design? An Insight Into Retirement Village Communities

What Is Later Living Design? An Insight Into Retirement Village Communities

Later living design is the design of a building or dwelling for people with disabilities or the elderly, care homes play an essential part in ensuring the comfort and durability for people in need of extra care.

What Are The Care Home Design Standards?

neutral beige wall art ideas

Artwork: Abstract Pastel Beige Framed Canvas

The Care Inspectorate facilitates the basic required standards and offers guidance on good design and build for care homes for adults. Here is just one of the key takeaways from their latest Design Guide for Adult Care Homes:

"Irrespective of the size, we expect the design to support people to live well, promote physical activity and maintain independent living skills."

The Care Quality Commission also known as the CQC is the independent regulator of health and social care in the UK. We have had the privilege to design and supply artwork for a number of care homes, and the response from residents has been fantastic. Delighted to add colour and interest to their spaces with art, some residents have also advised our abstract artwork in particular had a healing factor, bringing them joy in their days with their fellow residents. 

Design For Dementia Patients

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Artwork: Abstract 300 Modern Wall Art

Patients who have dementia experience a loss of memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities, so it's vital that their living environment promotes happiness and joy to reduce any stress or anxiety experienced from their day-to-day difficulties.

A previous project we worked on was Mountbatten Grange in Hertfordshire alongside interior designer Nichola Spence. Nichola selected several pieces of our artwork for all of the communal hallways in the development. 

How Can You Create An Inclusive Design?

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Artwork: Abstract 356 Modern Framed Canvas Wall Art

Inclusivity in design is no longer just a buzz word. As with all specialist interior design and architecture, it's important to define the end customer and how they will live and use the property. For elderly patients and those with special needs, it is crucial to ensure their day-to-day movement and lifestyle will be catered for to ensure they are fully grounded and feel the utmost comfort in their space. Features like bespoke carpentry, custom staircases and build-in walking aids can speak volumes in inclusivity and ensure residents of care homes remain healthy and happy in their spaces and the design is well-adjusted to their day-to-day requirements.

How Important Is It To Design For Comfort In Later Living Properties?

If you travel and plan to stay in a hotel, comfort is key particularly when you are in a new space. When planning the design of a retirement village or later living apartment block, comfort is paramount too. Choosing soft linens, comfortable seating and beds, as well as calming artwork will add to the ambience of a truly considered environment with guests calming.

What Part Does Sustainability Play In Later Living Design?

Our clients feedback has proven that investing in sustainable, high-quality art that is affordable and handcrafted in the UK has improved their return on investment, and elevated luxury for new developments bringing together the scheme for high-end developments.

What Types Of Spaces Will You Design?

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Artwork: Rothko Green Framed Canvas

As with every space, there are multiple areas that will need to be designed. These include the following areas:
  • Reception Area
  • Communal Area
  • Lounge
  • Residents rooms, private studios or purpose-built apartments
  • Dining Room
  • Spa
  • Salon
  • Bathrooms
  • Garden & Outdoor Space

Designers & Architects

rustic lines framed canvas wall art

Artwork: Rustic Lines Framed Canvas

If you are looking to decorate your later living property or retirement home and community, an easy way you can do this is by choosing Wall Art that elevates the decor.

"Adding art to a later living development is such an effective and affordable way to bring the design to life and create a cosy, comfortable space while elevating luxury. "

"The benefits of art in this environment are extensive and choosing sustainable, high-quality art that soothes and adds colour and light to a space are vital to ensure residents are at ease and the space feels like home. We have helped many homes design their spaces, whether they were new developments or simply refurbishing to update the look, and every client has loved the art, while residents have been delighted with the impact in their apartments and communal areas.' says Summer Obaid, our Head Of Trade & Design at Abstract House.


Some of our top interior designers that specialise in later living design. 

Bernard Interiors

Headed up by Jen Bernard, the business specialises in luxury commercial and residential design projects in the UK and globally. Bernard Interiors also offers expertise in later living and retirement design, with a portfolio of projects in the healthcare industry for the elderly and dementia care. A powerful player in the design of retirement communities, Bernard Interiors have worked with us for the past few years choosing considered artworks to bring light and colour into their design schemes.

Claude Hooper

British interior design firm Claude Hooper specialise in show home apartments for the property industry. We worked with Claude Hooper on a development for Pegasus Homes in Bath Leat. The artworks selected were calming neutrals, with inspiration from clouds and the sky, perfect for bedrooms designed in this luxury development.


art for later living designArtwork Selection for Pegasus Homes, Bath Leat later living development, designed by Claude Hooper. 



The company specialises in crafting interiors that spark conversation and leave a lasting impression, driven by a deep understanding of luxury. Their commitment to clients transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, with exquisite finishes and expert craftsmanship. Each project is a collaboration, tailored to reflect personality and needs, avoiding a signature 'look' for a unique design personality. With a focus on budget management and attention to detail, they deliver memorable interiors that elevate spaces to new heights of sophistication.

 top wall art for later living design interior

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