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Investing In Original Art

Investing In Original Art-Abstract House

Art collecting is a wonderful hobby, or career for many people. However, far from simply spending your days ‘shopping’ recklessly, browsing galleries both online and offline, collecting art could considered an art form in itself.

The piece of contemporary art that will look fabulous on your wall, tying in perfectly with the tones in your room may be worth a lot to the aesthetic value of your home, but in terms of collecting original artwork it may never rise in value beyond what it was purchased for. Alternatively, that undiscovered gem lurking shyly in the depths of an art gallery may be the perfect, prized piece to add to any diverse and considered collection.

Beyond the established masters, emerging artists are a great place to start when looking to form the beginning of your art collection. 

Large abstract Painting By Omar Obaid

What is an ‘emerging artist’?

The world of art is full of confusing terms, and ‘emerging artist’ is one of them. Before we show you which ones you should be investing in, let’s clear up the basics!

An emerging artist is one who is just starting out in their career. Although they are often very talented and have a large body of work, they have not yet showcased this skill to a wider audience, and have perhaps only caught the eye of one of two leading names at this early stage. These artists are not defined by age but by their reputation.  

Why should people invest in emerging artists?

Investing in emerging artists means that you are investing in their future. As they are relatively unknown their work will be available at a reasonable price, which could soon pay off over time.

Even the act of you purchasing that initial piece from an emerging artists helps toward building their career and reputation, benefiting both parties in future years. What’s more, buying art from an emerging artist gives you a unique chance to acquire original art from the artist’s early days – as their career progresses this will be invaluable.  


Original Painting Above A Sofa


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