Best Little Greene Paint Colours 2024

Best Little Greene Paint Colours 2024


Little Greene is a UK-based family business that manufactures interior and exterior paint. Renowned for its high-quality, eco-friendly paints and a wide range of colours and collections, our expert curators wanted to delve deep into what are in fact the best colours from Little Greene to use this year when decorating.

To identify which colours to include, it's important to note that with all trends, choosing the perfect colour will depend on the room type, and personal favourites, so let's take a look at which colours our curators have selected, including the most popular and timeless choices from Little Greene's range:

Neutrals and Whites

little greene paint colours 2024 slaked lime
  1. Slaked Lime (105) - A versatile, soft off-white that works well in any room.
  2. French Grey (113) - A classic, warm grey that adapts to different lighting conditions beautifully.
  3. Loft White (222) - A light, cool white that pairs well with modern interiors.


  1. Mid Lead Colour (117) - A deep, sophisticated grey that adds drama and depth.
  2. Scree (227) - A cool, muted grey with a contemporary feel.
  3. Rolling Fog (143) - A warm, taupe-grey that creates a cozy atmosphere.


  1. Hicks' Blue (208) - A rich, deep blue that adds elegance to any space.
  2. Celestial Blue (101) - A soft, tranquil blue perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.
  3. Bone China Blue (107) - A bright, fresh blue with a hint of green.


  1. Puck (298) - A vibrant, mid-century green that brings energy to a room.
  2. Garden (183) - A deep, botanical green that works well in living rooms and studies.
  3. Sage Green (80) - A soft, calming green ideal for kitchens and bedrooms.

Yellows and Golds

  1. Mister David (47) - A bright, cheerful yellow that adds warmth and positivity.
  2. Marigold (209) - A deep, rich gold that creates a luxurious feel.
  3. Light Gold (7) - A soft, buttery yellow perfect for brightening up spaces.

Reds and Pinks

  1. Atomic Red (190) - A bold, statement red that adds drama and intensity.
  2. Blush (267) - A soft, delicate pink that’s perfect for bedrooms and nurseries.
  3. Baked Cherry (14) - A deep, warm red that creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

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  1. Royal Purple (266) - A deep, majestic purple that adds opulence to any room.
  2. Mischief (243) - A lighter, playful purple ideal for creative spaces.
  3. Scullery (254) - A soft, muted lavender perfect for a calming effect.


  1. Chocolate Colour (124) - A deep, rich brown that adds warmth and sophistication.
  2. Bath Stone (37) - A light, neutral stone color perfect for traditional interiors.
  3. Tuscan Red (142) - A warm, earthy red-brown that adds character to a room.

When choosing colors, it's important to consider the room's lighting, size, and the mood you want to create. Little Greene's color range offers something for every taste and style, making it easy to find the perfect shade for your home.


We hope you enjoyed our range of handpicked colours from Little Greene's collection! Stay tuned for more home decor inspiration.


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