8 Best Ways To Decorate A Small Home Office

8 Best Ways To Decorate A Small Home Office

Working from home has fast become the norm in 2023, and we find it the perfect excuse to invest in your space and comfort by designing your ideal workspace to enable you to have that perfect work-life balance. 

While not commuting into your big city job has its benefits, it may mean that space at home is a little limited. Let's face it, London homes aren't getting any wider. So, how can you decorate a small office? The good news is with clever design, you can convert anywhere in your home from a spare room to an understairs nook to become a dedicated and private workspace to enable you to work comfortably.

It's no surprise that art positively improves productivity, with leading scientists conducting experiments proving the benefits of adding art to a space. So, how can you achieve the look while reaping all the rewards for your performance and wellbeing? Learn how in our free guide to decorating a small office at home.

Add Calming Seascapes

home office decor wall art choices for a small cozy office

Artwork: Green Teal Abstract Expressionist Canvas, Serene Green Abstract Canvas 

The wonders of the sea bring a sense of serenity to a room, from the cool sea breeze, sea lovers will be at home with soft blue tones and rippling textures, which add a clarity and beauty to a room.

Make A Bold Statement

modern bold abstract wall art for home office
Artwork: Blush Block Out Framed Canvas

Large, bold abstract art adds an ultra modern touch to any space. Home offices can benefit with large modern abstract art to add spontaneity and create a more creative and collaborative culture, which is ideal when working away from home.

Choose Neutral Shades

modern neutral wall art abstract art bedroom home office small design
Artwork: Abstract Beige Framed Canvas

To achieve a monochromatic look, you can add neutral toned wall art to compliment your space and look. This palette is a good tip if you're going to be using your home office as a mixed-use room, such as living room office, or bedroom office, enabling two schemes and functions to blend easily.

Japandi interiors have been a popular design scheme for some years now, edging on Scandinavian and Danish designs which focus on a more minimal interior scheme. Neutral tones are the perfect accompaniment for this colour scheme, adding that touch of luxe to areas with white boucle sofas and armchairs. 

Curate Your Favourite Pieces

gallery wall ideas family photos and framed photographs print and upload office decor
Product: Print And Frame Fine Art Photographs

Choosing your favourite artwork or family photographs and curating your own gallery with them is a great way to showcase your personality and display mementos you treasure. Frame them in quality handcrafted frames like our signature look for the perfect finish.

Invest In Contemporary Art

invest in contemporary wall art
Artwork by Abstract House

Choosing an original painting or limited edition art will add a luxurious feel to your home office, while also ensuring you create an art collection that grows in value over time. Always ensure your original art is signed by the artist, and accompanied by a Certificate Of Authenticity.

Immerse Yourself In Nature's Beauty

river landscape nature canvas wall art home office decor ideas UK
Artwork: River Landscape Framed Canvas

Landscape paintings and prints offer a sense of depth to a space, reminiscing about those perfect country escapes.

Embrace Maximalism

tropical wall art home office decor

 Artwork: Abstract Jungle Canvas Print

Who says home office decor shouldn't be fun? With private residential customers experimenting more with bold wall colours and fabrics, tropical decor and flamingos add that sense of playfulness which matches botanical designs perfectly.

Keep It Timeless In Monochrome

monochrome wall art set of 2 prints black and white home office art ideas decorating

Artwork: Modern Monochrome - Print Set Of 2

Black and white design schemes keep it classic, while also drawing the eye in so the focus is less on the scale of the space. Monochrome art adds elegance to any space, no matter it's size.

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