Who Is Peter Blake: 5 Facts About The British Artist Who Pioneered Pop Art

Who Is Peter Blake: 5 Facts About The British Artist Who Pioneered Pop Art

Who Is Peter Blake

Sir Peter Blake was born in Kent, UK in 1932 and is best known as one of the very first pop artists in Britain. In 2002, he was knighted for his contribution to art.

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Photo Credit: Tate, 'I may not be a Ruralist anymore, but this morning I saw a fairy in my garden in Chiswick 2008'.

Peter Blake also co-created one of the most pinnacle album covers in the history of music, for The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. He crafted it alongside his wife at the time, fellow pop artist, Jann Haworth. The couple were married between 1963–1979.

sir peter blake artist album cover the beatles sgt pepper lonely hearts club music album icon
Photo Credit: Tate Britain, The Beatles' album cover co-created by Peter Blake.

The design was the brainchild of the legendary Sir Paul McCartney, who then commissioned the artist to create the cover based on his original design concept.

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Tate Britain Exhibition

Many of Peter Blake's paintings were inspired by The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland, and the artist painted his daughter as the figure of 'Alice'.

Peter Blake Girl In A Poppy Field Painting 1974 Tate Britain
Photo Credit: Peter Blake 'Girl In A Poppy Field Painting, 1974  by Tate Britain

Peter Blake's paintings and art are available to view in Tate's permanent gallery in London.

Special prints and drawings by Peter Blake are available to view by appointment only at Tate

What Is Pop Art?

Pop art is inspired by popular culture, and includes everything we as the 'public' consume in our everyday lives. For example, music, food, brands, politics and more.

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