Why You Should Visit Long Live Rembrandt At The Rijksmuseum

Why You Should Visit Long Live Rembrandt At The Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam has a thriving art scene. With world-class museums, the city is also home to a collection of masterpieces.

This week we visit Rijksmuseum, where one of one of Britain’s most celebrated artists, Anish Kapoor, holds his latest exhibition which is a dazzling contemporary show inspired by Rembrandt.


Rijksmuseum is home to a colossal 8,000 pieces of art and history. It contains over 800 years of Dutch history and stands tall on the riverbanks, greeting you with it’s magnificently Dutch architecture.

While it is widely recognised for its’ collection of grand oil paintings, what many may not know is that Rijksmuseum regularly hosts exhibitions for current-day contemporary artists. Kapoor is the latest artist to have his work shown here.

Kapoor’s large artworks, “Internal Object in Three Parts”, are paintings described as three reliefs in which the primary subject matter portrays violence, trauma, and social and political unrest. These topics tie in with the works of Rembrandt who’s later works were created during a time of personal struggle. Rembrandt was facing financial hardship and was also being persecuted by the church for his common law marriage. In 1656, while facing bankruptcy, Rembrandt had no alternative but to sell his large home and studio space for a much smaller abode. These were difficult times for Rembrandt in particular as the importance of self-representation was apparent in his work.

You can see the thick meat-like forms in this close-up.

A dramatic centrepiece unfolds as you enter the exhibit.

It’s all in the detail. Kapoor doesn’t leave anything amiss.

“Girl In A White Kimono”, George Hendrik Breitner.

Photo sources: Rijksmuseum

The exhibition is open until April 3rd 2016. If you’re in the area, this really is worth the trip into Museum Square. And you can also visit some of the great masters’ works including Vincent Van Gogh’s celebrated “Self-Portrait” and George Hendrik Breitner’s “Girl In A White Kimono” amongst other treasured works.

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