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Ultimate Gallery Wall Ideas

Discover the best gallery wall art in our trending guide.

If you're looking for the best gallery wall ideas for 2022, you've come to the right place. Get inspired with our top gallery wall ideas and discover stylish wall art for your home.

Ultimate Gallery Wall Art Ideas get inspired with our favourite gallery wall sets and framed print sets to get the look and style your living room and home interiors.

Creating a gallery wall remains one of the top requests for interior designers. But if you're looking to get stuck into DIY home renovation, our guide is designed to inspire and help you narrow down art print styles, locations and layouts for your home.

Black and White Gallery Walls

black and white gallery wall ideas

Artwork: Black And White In The City Gallery Wall Art

Nothing oozes style and class like a black and white colour scheme. So it's no surprise that monochrome art prints are a popular choice when looking for a stylish addition for your home or office.

You can inject a hint of old school glamour with black and white photography. Best of all, you don't have to choose just one art style when displaying a gallery wall.

neutral gallery wall brown abstract

Artwork: Subtle Neutral Tones Gallery Wall

Including other soft neutrals alongside black and white adds a gentle touch of warmth. Our natural wood frames (oak) blend seamlessly with this colour palette.

Popular For You: Browse our bestselling gallery wall art to get the instant look.

Stairway To Heaven

Staircase gallery walls are all the rage right now. They're a creative way to fill that large blank space in your home. 

It's particularly eye-catching in homes with open stairways. We have a range of photography prints should you wish to recreate this look.

Adventure Gallery Walls

dining room gallery wall ideas

Artwork: Travel Adventure Gallery Wall Art

One way to think about what to include in your display is to pick a theme that inspires you. This travel inspired gallery wall is bound to get your guests talking at a dinner party. Stunning photography prints and minimalist typography feature here, creating a space in which to share tales of adventure and life's many wonders.

coastal beach photography

Artwork: Coastal Dreams Gallery Wall Art

If you're dreaming of vibrant coastlines, sunny beaches and seaside architecture, then these art prints are perfect. You'll feel fulfilled, relaxed and energised at home as memories of warm breezes and crashing waves flood your imagination.

Greet Your Guests

landscape photography prints

Looking to add art to your hallway, but aren’t sure which prints to choose? Even a small space can wow visitors on arrival.

Children's Gallery Walls 

kids bedroom animal art

Artwork: Watercolour Animals Gallery Wall Art

This gallery wall is a fun way to inspire your little ones to get excited about art, while also transforming their bedroom with beautiful wall decor.

Eclectic Gallery Walls

One of 2021's top interior design trends is maximalism. After years of minimalism, this style has rocketed back up into the must-haves.

Think mixed patterns and saturated colours. But central to maximalist home decor are carefully curated, expansive collections of art, furniture, ornaments and other curiosities.

A huge variety of prints would fit into this style, including Impressionist, typography, portraits, photography, pop art and more. Our stunning Frida Kahlo Portrait is a good place to start.

The Breakfast Nook

Creating a cosy seating corner in your kitchen is fast replacing the island or breakfast bar, it's the perfect space for couples and families alike. You can add further style by hanging framed prints on your wall.

Botanical Gallery Walls

vintage botanical art

Artwork: Vintage Botanical Leaves - Set of 3 Prints

This one's a bestseller. These vintage botanical prints come from original watercolour paintings and retain their textured old art paper appearance. 

Delicate greens and rose tints add sophistication and beauty to a room. Botanical art is known for its calming and restorative effects, making it the perfect choice for any space.

Mix And Match

You can include more than just art prints in your wall decor. Hanging plants, clocks, shelving, ceramics, and more marry beautifully with hanging art work.

This gives your home the different colours, textures, shapes, and sizes of decoration needed to find a perfect balance. The resulting harmony is worth the search.

Home Office Gallery Wall

Regardless of whether you've got neutral white walls, or a colour block accent wall, adding a little bit more colour will energise your home office.

Perhaps you want minimal paint and bold prints (or vice versa). Or maybe a fearless look of bright walls and even more bold artwork, then the key to finding artwork you love is finding art that makes you happy and is a reflection of you.

floral watercolour gallery wall blush botanical art fine art photography and nude female figure line art

Artwork: Floral Watercolour Gallery Wall Art

Little And Large

Most gallery walls contain artwork of various sizes to pique our interest. But you can take it to the next level by featuring tiny and expansive pieces right alongside one another.

Abstract Gallery Walls

abstract art prints for your living room

Image: @a_new_mamma_in_town on Instagram. Features Blush & Teal Print - Set of 3

Abstract art makes a statement in any living space, especially when combined into a set. We love our Blush & Teal wall art in this customer‘s living room.

blue abstract landscape gallery wall

Artwork: Blue Landscape Gallery Wall Art

You can instantly transform your space with a gallery wall. Whether you want to create your own gallery wall  from family photographs, browse our stunning handmade, eco-friendly picture frames. They come with real float glass and are of beautiful quality guaranteed to last.

You can also browse our full collection of gallery walls to discover more inspiration and find the perfect artwork for your space.